Hump Day — Or Not

So this is my version of a hump day

1) Mild crisis in the morning — handled. Back on track
2) Update a product team on new wireframes for an impending design deadline
3) Update another team on new requirements for their project
4) Training a team member
5) Calls with clients to touch base for presentation the following day. Reschedule. Re-Reschedule. Done.
6) New Crisis — place on simmer, stir occasionally (until tomorrow)
7) Update wireframes
8) Estimate a new project
9) QA features for a go-live
10) Help with another product’s go-live
11) Call with a designer
12) Update team leads
13) Get status updates from product teams
14) lunch
… (afternoon was a repeat of the morning)

Now working on wireframes, website updates, and presentation format for tomorrow… Hump day postponed. More to do tomorrow.