Why I won’t go earn an MBA

I’m often asked why I started a business instead of attempting to earn an MBA. I often point them to this infographic which I find helpful. I’m not saying that my friends who went and earned their MBA did not gain vital knowledge or make lifelong contacts that will benefit them over time. Nor am I certain that things would not have turned out better had I chose to try it their way. Actually I bet I would have loved it and been an earnest advocate. But now that I begin to transition away from my current business and look forward to the next step I am again facing this question. So, I thought I’d be a good thing to share.


Just returned from a great night of Pecha Kucha sponsored by Dutch Design week in Shanghai.

First i have to say it was an awesome crowd. I arrived at a little after 730 and they were already nearly at capacity. Drinks were free. The space was well designed. And the people were really interesting. It was a who’s who of sorts of the design and architecture industries as well as a sprinkling of marketing, pr, and general creatives, and of course the Dutch were out in force.

The hosts were excellent and knew what they were doing. My only criticism, even though it’s a little snide for a free event, was that the presenters weren’t given direction on the ground-rules of Pecha Kucha. Its not a forum to sell your company. I don’t want to see 20 slides of your portfolio. I want to be inspired.

There were a couple of standouts, among them a bar owner and former industrial designer, and a creative designer. While they did not miss the opportunity for a free plug, they didn’t go overboard as most and make me sit through a whole presentation of their most recent (unimpressive) portfolio pieces together with descriptions and awkward pauses that would put their mother to sleep. These few had a prepared interesting presentations that made the whole night worth it.

Anyway, here’s my takeaways::

  1. There are a lot of Dutch in Shanghai
  2. I’ll be back for the next PKSH, and
  3. Next time, I should back up my smack by presenting

My bad

I laid out Wes at Lacrosse today.

I clipped him with my shoulder so it was legal but I’m regretting it. We all have to work on Monday’s and Lax is for fun. I need to get better control and play soft as a mouse next game or my rep won’t be as a fun guy anymore ;-(.

Heading to church now to get some karma back.