I know that everyone in China has experienced this often. You go to google, type in your search term, and get your results (sometimes). Maybe you even get to open a few pages (sometimes). Till somewhere down the line all the pages start coming back Error not found on server. Wham. Now your screwed! You either switch search engines (not baidu because when searching for certain workarounds about wordpress it seems to return a lot of junk), or you close your whole browser and start again. Until it happens again, and again. And you get seriously fustrated.

So you open your VPN and whalla, the web is available to you again, google opens its loving arms and you are once again able to peruse articles that make your forehead hurt b/c your researching the vast complexities of wordpress patches and mod_rewrites on shared hosts, etc.

But wait! You found the code snippet you think may work and want to try it! Hurrah!

Woops, your FTP crashes with some sort of IP conflict whenever its on the VPN these days. Shoot.

So you turn off your VPN. Restart your FTP. Upload your code. Test your file. And it either works or it doesn’t and either way you keep working on finding newer better snippets to deal with different or the same problems until. Wham. Google Error. VPN. FTP Crash. VPN off. Google Error. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Seriously, I can’t wait until China starts to trust us on the internet and we can go back to the neverending annoyances of code building as opposed to all these self-imposed hoop-jumping. 99% of the time I really don’t care that China hates Google but right now I just needed to say: I love you China but right now, I’m ticked.