Those who know me know I love Google. I’m the guy that uses google chrome. Wears google tshirts. And sets his browser search to google even when in China, I get nothing back but connection errors.

Anyone in Tech, or paying attention to China, or knowing about Google knows that there’s no love lost between the US company and the China Govt, but that all appears to be being put aside as Google is now making an aggressive play for advertising revenue in the China market with Doubleclick, their brand spanking new advertising platform.

Doubleclick was launched to some fanfare in China’s domestic tech circles in mid-april. According to Liu Yun, Google’s global vice president, DoubleClick Ad Exchange will preform an important role in Google’s display advertising strategy. Yun also went on to announce his anticipation that the platform, designed for the China market, will bring the revival of display advertising and benefit the display advertising ecosystem in the country.

All I’m saying is that I hope all the China ad guys go Google, maybe then they’ll have other things to focus on than giving my computer so many popup and flash plugins adverts promoting aged arcade games.

Go Google