I signed up today for Techyizu’s Lean Startup Machine Shanghai at the 12pm noon mark.

From what I’ve heard, it seems like there has been so much hype about the event that it caused the Techyizu people to switch it to an application style procedure. Sadly this means I could still miss it but on the plus side it’ll likely be a better event and get people super motivated to attend. Fingers crossed that they’ll be sending out final confirmation soon.

I’m excited for the Lean Startup event which goes Friday – Sunday at the end of this month. It is one of the first such events to be held in Shanghai.

One of the questions on the application was whether I was prepared with a project I’d be submitting for Lean. I put yes with the idea that I could either focus on Shanghai Teachers, Groopti, Fantasy Book Club, or perhaps some spunky tech thing that crosses my mind in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll see. Still need to wait for the confirmation… come on baby.