I’ve expressed interest in many things through the years, including but not limited to:

  • wizarding powers
  • a robot body
  • The iThink (the apple product for cloud – brain memory storage unit brought to you via the world’s first ever 5G wifi system) :: slogan = “now I AM a Hotspot”.
But many of you who know me, will doubtless agree that of all my wants-that-will-soon-be-haves, two stand head and shoulders above the rest: 1) a motorcycle and 2) fullyfunctional HUD glasses for augmented reality. Thanks to Google the second may soon be in the pipelines.
These beutes, aka Jordie’s reading glasses, are now an official Google project! With Google on the stomp for my future do anything while doing anything lifestyle, I’m sure that i’ll be doing anything sooner than if Google had been doing nothing. While details about the project are still sketchy, nevertheless I do have one immediate reservation that makes me think that we’re still a long way off.
These aren’t HUD! They’re too small. If Jordie wore these on an off ship mission he’d be getting wacked by the smoke monsters while looking up and right for thermal warnings.
A powerful AR / HUD is an interface of your natural experience. One use I’d be looking for from these glasses would be the ability to use facial recognition software to remember people’s names so I don’t have to. If i want this information given to me I want it overlayed not off in a corner. Same goes for mapquest directions (how annoying is it to drive and look down at a GPS? Equally annoying as looking up and to the right except these puppies make you look super cool… er no.
Anyway I’ll probably get a pair anyway when they come out but I’ll be surprised if its any better stapling an iphone with voice activation to my head.