The Challenge

Starting from Monday October 29th I’m taking on an SEO challenge: I will work hard for 45 days to gain serious SEO cred for my new concept of a digital collective – Pixelated Solutions. In that time I will start link-building, talking it up on social media, and working tirelessly to build a positive brand image by creatively and strategically employing the SEO tactics I’ve learned about the web.


I’m going play by a set of ground rules:

  • WHITE HAT SEO (no funny business)
  • MY BEST EFFORT (no slacking – no excuses)
  • NO MONEY (results will be based on my skills and my ingenuity only)


I’ll follow up this post each week with a short update to let you know how the SEO Challenge efforts are fairing, including what those efforts are and where the site stands in terms of link power, traffic, bounce, engagement, etc. I will try to gauge how well I’ve done and also try to draw conclusions from the results. In the end I hope that it will give insight into the methods and how they can be applied to others who are looking to build their own site’s SEO cred from scratch.


I’ve posted the first video of the series and officially kicked off the SEO challenge. Check it out here: Pixelated Solutions SEO Challenge