Lean Machine Shanghai

I signed up today for Techyizu’s Lean Startup Machine Shanghai at the 12pm noon mark.

From what I’ve heard, it seems like there has been so much hype about the event that it caused the Techyizu people to switch it to an application style procedure. Sadly this means I could still miss it but on the plus side it’ll likely be a better event and get people super motivated to attend. Fingers crossed that they’ll be sending out final confirmation soon.

I’m excited for the Lean Startup event which goes Friday – Sunday at the end of this month. It is one of the first such events to be held in Shanghai.

One of the questions on the application was whether I was prepared with a project I’d be submitting for Lean. I put yes with the idea that I could either focus on Shanghai Teachers, Groopti, Fantasy Book Club, or perhaps some spunky tech thing that crosses my mind in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll see. Still need to wait for the confirmation… come on baby.

Coming soon to Shanghai // Lean Machine

Here is a quick picture of of the Warmup last Thursday.

It was in preparation of a weekend-long machup / convention / live-world-experiment around the concept of lean startup. It will be hosted the end of this month by our very own Techyizu in partnership with the usual suspects probably (Technode, Baidu, Microsoft, etc). All the Gents from Techyizu seem really excited and are looking forward to a massive turnout. I heard an expected reserved-out time is 1-2hrs from the time it is officially announced. This is in line with the 3 hrs the last event went at, and the one before, several hours more.

Methinks they will need to start booking more space eventually but I like how they’re working it, smaller size turnout (under 400 ppl)  for better effect while Techyizu is still in its early stages. All you Shanghai tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs better be glued to your email. Trying to reserve in advance was impossible (unless you’re on the technical planning committee or are speaking).  Want to join the technical planning though you’re welcome to b/c its an open meeting on Saturdays at 12pm.

See you all at Lean Machine June 29 – July 1.

Technode hosts its first “Mechup” event in Beijing in English

Today, in case you weren’t aware, marks the first ever English Mechup hosted by Technode in Beijing. The goal of the event was what you’d expect of Technode: a techy meetup for thought sharing and networking. They ran the Mechup in a semi-formal fashion with both official presentations by Peng T. Ong from GSR Ventures and  Eric Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Wodache, and some informal discussions about the attendees latest mobile app ideas.

According to Technode, they were successful. Their goal was bringing together mobile thought leaders and those aspiring and thats awesome. Regardless of how many people showed up (I won’t ponder it much from the pictures on their event wrap up article )

Technode Picture of Mechup in Beijing

I think its great of Technode to be hosting these and I hope more like Technode follow suit. I really enjoyed Techizhu’s meetup a little over a month ago and I think that more Mechup, PeCha KuCha, unconference and meetup opportunities are exactly what China creatives need.

I feel as if given the relative number of people in Shanghai vs NYC (where I’m from), creatives must be a little shy to open up in these sorts of forums or else there’d already be a bizzard of them going off every week. Maybe now the times are changing and events like the Technode Mechup will continue to pop up.

Next one in Shanghai please!

SXSW Interactive 2012

Okay so SXSW Interactive is over, it was by all accounts awesome… AND I MISSED IT. Darn.

It hosts the cutting edge startups and conferences on all the interesting issues of the day. Apparently Parker predicted the downfall of Itunes, I would have loved to hear that. Anyway. Bummer that it is I probably couldn’t have made it to Austin TX this year even had I tried but next year I’ll be there. No question. No doubt.